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After attending UT in Austin, John became interested in personal development and peak performance psychology. In 1995 he obtained a Practitioner's Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from Dr. Richard Bandler and the Institute of NLP, and went on to develop the "Breakthrough! Seminar," which evolved into the "Psychology of Peak Performance" course. In that year John was also certified through Effective Reading Centers to teach The Effective Reading Course, and served as the Director of Training until 2014.

John took a year off in 2000 to work as a Corporate Training Consultant for the Anthony Robbins Companies. Currently, John is the Founder of Student Peak Performance. He created and developed the Student Peak Performance Course, the online Effective Rapid Reading Course, and the A+ Memory Course.

John has conducted seminars and workshops for Century 21, Coca Cola, Hal's Harley Davidson, John Elway Nissan, The McLane Company, Texas Instruments, United Way, and countless private executives, doctors, attorneys, business owners, private schools, and students from 5th graders through PhD's. He strives to make his seminars as fun and entertaining as they are educational.

What Students Said About the Instructor

Middle and High School Students

College Students

Corporate and Individual Clients

Letters Received

Middle and High School Students

"John was very nice and encouraging."
- Thomas J., 8th grade

"John made everything fun, he makes it understandable, and knows how you feel at school."
- Sara P., 8th grade

"I think John is a great instructor - he was so much fun to work with!"
- Erin F., 6th grade

"He is fun to be around.  He is great to everyone."
- Harrison R., 9th grade

"John was fun and excited about teaching."
- Mark K., 9th grade

"I liked John's patience and positive attitude."
- Kate W., 9th grade

"John Richter was an excellent instructor, he showed great enthusiasm in teaching and made learning fun and interesting."
- Rachel M., 9th grade

“The instructor is the best teacher I’ve had so far.”
- Jonathan S., 5th grade

College Students

Baylor University

“Very good at connecting ideas and answering questions.”
- Michael Brown

“Great speaker, fun and entertaining.  Kept my attention throughout the course.”
- Jeanne Flatbush

“John was enthusiastic and added many personal points.  He made everything he taught very vivid in my mind.”
- Jared Brown

“Good for motivation and seems to know a lot, and is very up-to-date.”
- Jay Mac Sanders

“Very influential, lots of energy, helps self-esteem.”
- Adam Basham

“Mr. Richter is an outstanding instructor, and on a personal note, he is very pleasant and courteous.  I am grateful for having him as my friend and instructor.”
- Jorge Aguilar-Pavatta

“Vivacious! Always very enthusiastic and interested in our interests and difficulties.  Wanted to know how we were doing – encouraging.”
- Rachel Shellenberger

“Vibrant. Kept my interest.”
- Tiffany Lewis

Our Lady of The Lake University

“A lot of energy! Good vibes! Caring, really interested in what happens to students.  He actually makes my day!
Thanks John.”
- Gladys Flores, Computer Info Systems

Saint Mary’s University

“John was a really good teacher – he made it fun and had lots of energy.”
- Lisa Asfeld, International Business

“Very encouraging.”
- Shiv Navada, Electrical Engineering

“Excellent teaching style.”
- David Martinez, Biology

“Excellent. He was energetic and entertaining.  He was always there to answer our questions.”
- Bobbi Briones

“John is a great motivator for the course.”
- Jennifer Pacheco, Biochemistry

 “John always had a great attitude, and he was interested in our successes on a weekly basis.”
- Annalise Castro, Biology

“John is very upbeat and optimistic.”
- Krista Duncan, Biology

Southwest Texas University

“Outstanding instructor.  He really believes in his work and strives for improvement.”
- Robert Cunningham

“John made the whole class – I don’t think I would have completed the course if there was another instructor.  He made you want to come and made it fun.”
- Reagan Michel

“Very energetic and supportive.”
- Deborah Fritz

Trinity University

“Very Good. His enthusiasm helps our motivation as well as retention of the material.”
- Stephanie Bryant, Communication/Drama

“John was fun, entertaining, and very helpful.”
- Curtis Odle, Engineering Science

“John is extremely enthusiastic and inspiring and funny, and gets these lessons across in a powerful, fun way.”
- Ragini Prakash, Biochemistry/Pre-Med

“John is friendly and conscientious, very positive.”
- Fred Trotter, Computer Science/Philosophy/Psychology

“John is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about more than reading.  He is probably the most positive person I have met also he is very supportive of everyone in the class.”
- Jennifer Hartzheim, Business Administration and Speech Communication

“John is knowledgeable and fun.”
- Dan Zinn, Communications

 “I enjoyed that you really believe what you say.  That shows!  Thanks for helping us believe that we can do it! Keep on! Good job!”
- Susan Barnes

“Extremely motivating and caring about students.”
- Rafael Cervantes, Speech Communication

“He’s great!!!! I missed the first session and he gave me a personal lesson.  He took some valuable time of his life just to instruct me! His energy is amazing.”
- Brent Lew, Liberal Arts

University of The Incarnate Word

“John did an excellent job.”
- Billy Morrison, Undeclared

“John was extremely patient and flexible.”
- Sean Degarmo, Nursing/Pre-Med

“John was a great instructor who was energetic and funny which allowed for the class environment to be more relaxed.  He was also willing to stay a few extra minutes for anything not covered or outside questions.”
- Valerie N. Garza, Biology

University of North Texas

“John is great.  He made the course the best it could be.”
- Stefan Misake, BCIS

“He is extremely friendly and uplifting.”
- Amanda Butler, Speech Pathology

“John is wonderful.  He takes time with all the lessons and offers his time to everyone.  He is very knowledgeable and his teaching methods are great!”
- Susan Riley, Anthropology

“Great energy – I can tell you’re excited about what you teach.”
- Jill Burkey, Vocal Performance

“John did a wonderful job.  He was accessible and eager to help with any problem.”
- Shauna Ware, Radio Television Video Film

University of Texas at Arlington

“Great – nice guy! Very patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.”
- Stacey Lewis

“Dynamic, energetic, awesome – all the words that describe a good teacher, one who really expresses his thoughts and has a positive attitude!”
- Amy Hutchison

- Richard Hewitt

“Very friendly, informative, willing to encourage and teach.”
- Shelly Goodman

“He was very energetic and helpful, seems to love what he is doing and that is probably why he is a great teacher.”
- Mike Branig

“Super guy, very flexible and accommodating. Great energy when teaching.”
- James Tullos

“John is very enthusiastic about teaching and a very personable person.  This strongly facilitates the learning process.  I wish more professors were like him.”
- Tony Gonzalez
University of Texas at Austin

“John cared about what he taught and really wanted us to learn.”
- Holly M. Cox

“Great instructor, very enthusiastic and works well with the students.”
- Lewis Wright

 “He’s such a good instructor, very thorough, energetic, and motivating.  I can’t thank him enough.”
- Ann Uresti

“Excellent! Cares about the participants and very eager to assist in anything needed.  Enthusiastic and very supportive.”
- Jennifer Nino

“John was a great instructor.  He seemed to be very interested in making sure I achieved what I wanted to.”
- Sonny Solis

“Pleasant and very helpful.  He didn’t rush to just get through all the material.  He took time for questions.”
- Andrea Klepzig

“Very energetic, excited, always positive.  We couldn’t help but be optimistic and motivated with him.”
- Joy Kanerski

“John knows his stuff and loves what he does.  His enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring.”
- Marissa Henderson

“Very funny.  Keeps your mind from wondering.  Perfect person for teaching this course.”
- Marqus Bean

“Very good – energetic, positive, another Anthony Robbins! Very good ideas.”
- Mohamed Omar

“Great communication skills.  Positive attitude and the ability to make all students inclusive and participatory.”
- Ricky Bean

University of Texas at San Antonio

“John is a great instructor who really had the energy that motivated us to learn more.  He was there whenever we needed help at all times and never hesitated one bit.  I really appreciate his time, help and dedication to us.”
- Veronica Garza, Biology

“Good teacher.  Knows how to make students smile; energetic.”
- Shenandoah Loney

Corporate and Private

"You have given us good insight to keeping the energy high and positive which will keep our volunteers and ourselves motivated."
- Kristen Richert, Campaign Manager, United Way, Waukesha County

"Your energy and enthusiasm had an immediate and positive impact on our organization.  We will certainly see a lasting effect on our entire group."
- Chris Babcock, Manager, John Elway Nissan

"Your presentation was informative and entertaining and provided some thought-provoking and inspirational messages."
- Kathy Bousquet, Direct Sales Manager, Nextel Communications

"Thank you for coming out and making a presentation to my team.  Everyone was up and on their feet and enthusiastic with you in the lead role. "
- Pam Karlin, Sales Manager, US West

"You were able to make upbeat, lively participants out of an "I'm not awake yet" group.  The information you gave and your presentation style were outstanding."
- Michael Fleetwood, District Sales Manager, Coca Cola Bottling Company

"John is a wonderful speaker and motivator, and had our sales force of 30 representatives pumped up to sell.  They enjoyed him so much we have asked him to return.  I highly recommend his knowledge to others."
- George Predick, Regional Vice President Sales, SAS, Inc.

"Your presentation was an excellent way to jump start our day."
- Jon Denk, Advertising Manager, The Journal Times

“John is a great instructor and really helped me a lot in just looking at life in a different manner.”
- Minnie Cornelius, Production Control, Texas Instruments

“Very personable. Easy to listen to and understand.  Positive role model. Highly knowledgeable.”
- Bonnie Heath, PWB Fabricator, Texas Instruments

The Mclane Company

“Knows his stuff.  Appears to always be sharpening his skills.  Very positive and energetic.”
- Sandra Bushby, Director of Training

“The energy John had during the course kept me motivated to learn.”
- Rebecca, AP/AR Clerk

“Very animated, well spoken, and articulate – keeps class flowing smoothly and very knowledgeable about topics of discussion.  Thank you for everything!”
- Ivy Patterson, Buyer

“Very informative, great energy, lives what he teaches.”
- Ron Head, DBA

“Very interesting.  Excellent understanding of the subject matter and terrific presentation.”
- Marilyn Cramer, Department Secretary

“He instructed in a very professional manner.”
- Robin Fresch, Executive Secretary

“Great! Related information in fun and entertaining manner, and seemed to reach all learning styles.”
- Kendra Casey, Sr. Communications Specialist/Editor

“Fun! Accommodating! Genuinely excited about his topic.”
- Linda Duvall, Training Coordinator

“John did a fantastic job.”
- Donna Malcik, Post Auditor

“Very interesting and good instructor.”
- John Smith, Senior Auditor

“John is great! He’s very positive and encouraging.”
- Crissy Koons

“John is very energetic and a dynamic instructor.” –
- Bel Guillory, Dental School Student

Letters Received

“Dear John,  Thank you for your help, which for us, it meant so much! 
Without your wonderful course, without your ways of teaching, and
your patience, I probably shouldn’t be able to enjoy the accomplishment
of so many good steps in my professional forthcoming.  I completed all the
steps in order to obtain the M.D. degree.  My success comprises your
wisdom and your talent also.  Respectfully yours,”

Laura Roscrantz, M.D.

NOTE: Dr. Roscrantz is from Romania, and had only been speaking English 9 months prior to taking this course.

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